"Share the Vision...Join Republican Women"
Thank you for your interest in membership in Cy-Fair Republican Women (CFRW).  Our organization is open to any woman believing in the philosophy of the Republican Party and intending to support Republican Candidates and believing in the objectives of this organization.

                    The objectives of this organization shall be:

                       - to promote an informed electorate through political education.
           - to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through                                                        active political participation.
            - to facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Organizations.
          - to foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles, and 
                            candidates in all elections including non-partisan elections.
                       - to work for the election of the Republican Party’s nominees.
Membership Classifications
                                                                           Active Member: 

          An Active Member is a woman who meets the eligibility requirements of this organization and pays the annual dues.                 She shall be a registered voter.  She shall enjoy the full privileges of membership.

                                                                                  Associate Member:  

         An Associate Member is an active member of another Republican Women's organization who wishes to join this                       organization as an Associate Member by paying the required annual dues for Associate Members.  She cannot hold
        office,  vote or be counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to national or state federation
        meetings or conventions.

                                                                                    Associate Man:  

         A man may become an Associate Man and be listed on our roster by paying the required annual dues for Associate
        Man.   An Associate Man is ex officio, without voice or vote and shall not hold elected or appointed office.   Associate
        Men shall  not be listed on the roster sent to Texas Federation of Republican Women or National Federation of
        Republican Women.

Let’s continue to grow CFRW and support our Republican Party!   CFRW’s membership/fiscal year is  January 1 – December 31. Membership dues for 2021 are payable now. Dues levels are as follows: 

 "Member Sign UP"     Active - $40.00 

  Associate Woman - $20.00
Member of Another TFRW Group - $20.00
  Associate Man - $35.00   

Please continue to invite your friends and neighbors to our informative programs. Learn more about current local, state and national issues. CFRW provides excellent speakers to share their knowledge and answer your questions and concerns. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Linda Llewellyn/Megan
CFRW Membership Chair
Linda Llewellyn/Megan Blanchard/Alice Gullet

                                                       Did you know.............

that our CFRW Active membership number determines how many Delegates we can send to the Texas Federation of Republican Women Convention? If you haven’t renewed, please do so today. Everyone can help by inviting friends and neighbors to our meetings. Talk to those you know and give them a CFRW business card. Meeting information is printed on the front of the card and our values are outlined on the back of the card.  

Republican women can make our voices heard in Austin and in Washington DC. Help us to lead the charge for our Conservative Values in Texas. KEEP TEXAS RED

Linda Llewellyn 

Membership Chair