Cy-Fair Republican Women: As you finish your daily aerobics at the pool or gym, how nimble do you feel concerning the upcoming Special Session of the Texas Legislature? Here are a few factoids to serve as a foundation for following the news this summer and conversing over your iced tea or coffee:

    1.Special Sessions are authorized by the Texas Constitution.

    2.Only the Governor may call a Special Session.

    3.A Special Session runs for thirty days.

    4.The number of Special Sessions called by the Governor is                  unlimited.

    5.There has not been a Special Session since 2013.

    6.This is the first Special Session Governor Abbott has called.

    7.The Special Session begins July 18, 2017.

    8.Only the topics presented by the Governor may be taken up 
        by the Legislature during a Special Session.

    9.Governor Abbott has announced a robust agenda of 20 
       topics to be taken up by the Legislature during the 
       Special Session this summer. 

   10.While former Governor Rick Perry called several Special                   Sessions while he occupied the governor’s office, former                   President George W. Bush never called a Special Session 
        while governor of Texas.

Some of the topics to be taken up during the Special Session are high profile and controversial … part of the reason why the proposed legislation was not concluded in the Regular Session. So, keep your news source alongside your other summer reading to follow the ups and downs, thrills and chills of the Special Session. Remember that your State Senator and State Representative along with TFRW will be publishing informative updates. Will the Legislature’s activity compare to the newest summer action movie or a trip to Six Flags? – 

Time will tell.

Gail Schubot, CFRW Legislative Chair
June 26, 2017


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