CFRW President
 Barbara Buxton

Question and answer periods following a guest speaker can sometimes be awkward, especially if no one is asking any questions. That was certainly not the case at the Cy-Fair Republican Women Annual August Social this year! Congressman Michael McCaul heard and answered thoughtful and on point questions posed by members and their guests. When the program was finished, he continued to chat with each person that approached him with a query or concern. The CFRW organization is very grateful to Congressman McCaul for taking the time to visit before and after his Capitol update presentation.

As usual, we have been striving to increase CFRW membership as well as encouraging more participation in events outside our monthly meeting and luncheon. What has come to our attention is that there is frustration with elected officials followed by the tendency to take a step back from activism. NO! NO! NO! That’s not the way to hold them accountable. You must do this by your campaign activities and your vote. Don’t give up! Don’t disappear!

Although it would be wonderful to have all members attend every meeting, that’s not going to happen and that’s okay. Choose the program that appeals to you – whether it includes a particular elected official, a community leader, an author or something else. The information you obtain from these speakers can be very enlightening. Attending a CFRW Meeting also provides the opportunity to discuss issues face to face with elected officials and candidates. This is where you can let them know what issues are important to you.

Want more? Attend the Texas Federation of Republican Women Convention - held in Dallas, October 19-21. We still have a few Alternate Delegate spots available for Primary/Active (voting) Members. If you are interested, contact me as soon as possible.

The program for the September 12 meeting will be a panel of State Representatives from our area. You can sign up online at The RSVP deadline is September 5. Don’t miss out!


Barbara Buxton 

All Republican candidates are invited to provide information about upcoming campaign activities and events and we will be happy to publish details. This is not a club endorsement, club president endorsement or campaign chair endorsement, only candidate information to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice.

Solicitations made by Federal candidates and officeholders at events are limited by Federal law. The Federal candidates and officeholders speaking tonight are soliciting only donations of up to $2,400 from individuals and up to $5,000 from multi-candidate political committees. They are not soliciting donations in any amount from corporations, labor organizations, national banks, Federal contractors, or foreign nationals.
September 2017